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Not quite ready for the full 300+ mile race?  Grab a couple of friends or training partners and race the FXT as a relay team!  This is also a great way to experience the race before you decide to take on the full 3-day challenge as an individual participant.  Create your team today!

Relay Team Information

The Florida Xtreme Triathlon accepts two and three person relay teams. For the 2019 event we have changed the relay team guidelines to include multiple segments for each discipline, swim, bike and run. The segments are as follows:

Stage 1 & 2

  • Swim - 2 course segments
  • Bike - 2 course segments
  • Run - 3 course segments

Stage 3

  • Swim - 2 course segments
  • Bike - 2 course segments
  • Run - 2 course segments

There will be a designated exchange zone for each segment.  Teams can also race the traditional relay team format where one person does the entire swim, another the entire bike, and the other team member the full run. 


  • Relay teams must submit their daily team segment roster each morning.
  • Each relay team member must complete at least one segment of the course each day.
  • Only one team member can be on the course at any given time.
  • The same relay team members must compete each day.
  • Relay team member exchanges can only be made in the designated relay exchange zones.
  • All team members can run through the finish line together at the end of each stage.


Relay team awards will be presented to the top three teams. 

If you are registering a relay team, you do not need to register all team members at the same time.  You can register your team now to take advantage of the savings, and then return later to add your team members.  There is no additional charge to add your team members later unless they are not current members of USA Triathlon.  Non USAT  members will be required to purchase a one day membership or renew their existing USAT membership when being added to the team.

Register today and SAVE!

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